Depression In Women


Depression is not specific when it comes to the type of people that it affects. It has no rules for those of a certain age, race, sex, or social class. However, when it comes to sex, women are two times more likely to become affected then men. Men are affected by depression, but most stats say that women experience depression and the worst parts of depression.

One of four women will be declared as depressed. That is a lot of women when you think about it. Most of the time, women will feel depression around that time of the month. This is because of an imbalance in hormones. Most of the time a woman will not even notice a change in themselves until someone points it out.

Many women suffer from depression because of a certain trigger. Again, it could be hormonal, but most of the time there are other triggers present to set off the depression. Some of these triggers would be things like miscarriages and being pregnant. You will end up having depression over these things because your body is going through a major change. You may also find that losing someone who you love dearly will trigger your depression.

You can get depression from having anything traumatic happen in your life. In this case, you'll find that your friend or loved one will begin to pull away from life and their friends and family. They will begin to isolate themselves. If you happen to notice anyone who is going into a depression, you may want to reach out to him or her and try to help them find comfort in the friendship.

You should also know that the way women handle their depression is different. Not every woman will handle her troubles the same way. You may be able to recover from your depression by seeking comfort in a friendship. You may also find your solution to your depression by going to therapy and talking out your issues. You may find that none of these things help you and that you have to seek out professional medial help. Medication with a combination of therapy has been able to cause many people to get over their depression.

If you feel uncomfortable seeking medical or professional help you may want to ask a friend or family member to go with you so that you can get comfortable with the idea of therapy and with the therapist. You can ease yourself into the sessions or into the idea of getting medicated. When you go with a friend or family member that you are near to you will find that it is easier to reach out for help. When you have the support, needed you'll find the strength to want to be better and you'll also find the strength to move on healthy.

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