Seasonal Depression


Seasonal depression is something that happens to a person each year at the same time. It is something that many people struggle with and has to have a form of treatment. This is usually going to happen in the fall or winter months. It will probably end in the springtime when the warm weather starts to set back in. Many of us get the winter blues and want to be able to get out and enjoy the outdoors or do something that they love to do in the warmer weather. This is very usual and many have to deal with this type of depression.

People who have to suffer from seasonal depression are gong to have the classic signs of depression. They are going to feel sadness and anxiety. Some people get irritable and have a lack of energy. Others will withdrawal from social activities and the inability to concentrate on things. They will usually have extreme symptoms that they have no control over on their own. They need to have help in getting back their life and feeling normal.

Many that have seasonal depression will gain weight in these periods. They will eat and eat because this is what makes them feel better. The food is a substitute for the things that they are lacking in their life. They will use the food as a method of feeling better and getting their life back on tracks the way that they want it to be. Some people will not even realize that they are having a problem until others point it out to them.

Some of the other symptoms of seasonal depression are fatigue, increased feeling of needing sleep and decreased levels of energy. Many will have an increase in weight and difficult periods of concentration. Some people will want to be left alone while others dread having everyone leave them and being by themselves.

It is very common to have seasonal depression. It is something that many widows and widowers go through. They miss their mates and have a hard time letting go of the things that they once did with them. It is a sad time in their life to go through holidays or certain parts of the year without the ones that they love so much. They may have fond memories but still wish their loved ones were there with them.

Getting help from a professional is very important for anyone that is suffering from seasonal depression. However there are many people that get over the seasonal depression when the season changes and a new time begin. This is something that they go through and are ready to take on the challenge. It is something that can happen no matter who you are and what your situation is. Seasonal depression can be treated and make a person's life much better.

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