Cholesterol And Heart Disease

Having you cholesterol checked is something that you defiantly need to do. High blood cholesterol can clog up your arteries and this will stop your heart from getting blood that it needs. This can be the lead to a heart attack and maybe even death. Triglycerides are fat that form in your blood stream. Having high levels of it are linked to heart disease in some people.

People who have high blood cholesterol or high triglycerides will have no symptoms sometimes and this is going to be a silent killer. You need to get your blood cholesterol checked by your doctor. If it is high you may be able to lower it ad this will help you stay healthier. You can do this usually by eating better and exercising regularly. Even your doctor may prescribe medication that will help your cholesterol from getting out of hand.

Along with your cholesterol you need to maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight is not healthy for anyone. It can put a person at risk for heart disease along with many other health problems. You should learn how to calculate your own body mass to see if you are at a healthy body weight. Eating healthy and getting your exercise is again the most important way to control this. You should eat more fruits and vegetables. Adding some whole grains to your diet is also a plus. Take time to plan a good diet so that you are healthier and keeping heart disease at a distance.

With watching your cholesterol you need to watch your alcohol intake. You should no have to worry about having fun but limit what you drink. Heavy excess can be dangerous to your body and put you more at risk for heart disease.

You need to figure out a healthy lifestyle as well. Having too much stress will higher your cholesterol and put you at risk for heart disease? Keeping stress out of your life is not going to be easy but you need to limit the amount of worry that you put on yourself so that you are not putting your body at risk.

Take time to realize what you body means to you and all that you do is going to affect the way that you live. The things that you do can make a difference and allow negative things to enter your life. Having a good way of living can help you be healthier and safer. You will find that heart disease does not have to be an option in your life if you figure out a way early to keep it away and live life to the fullest.

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