How Do You Get Heart Disease?

A lot of people wonder how you get heart disease. You will find that it is not a disease that is contagious. Just because the guy on the subway has heart disease, you will not get from them. You will find that this not a cold, but this is a serious disease that you need to start thinking about as a younger adult. If you don't take good care of your body, then you will be at risk for things like cardiovascular disease.

As for the risk factors, you will find that you can have problems with your cardiovascular system at any age. There are people who have died from a heart attack as a teen and there are many who are not even in there thirties. It has also been known to attack athletes, so it doesn't matter how much you pay attention to what you eat or how long you work out. Most people will have an increase risk if they are into smoking or other drug use. This is because the drugs and the nicotine will put a lot of strain on your heart and other muscles. You need to consider your drug use and the outcomes that you may have from the use of cigarettes or illegal drug use. You will also find that if you mix recreational drugs with prescribed medication will also cause you to have a heart attack. Also, if you have high blood pressure, you are at serious risk and you will need to change your ways quickly. You need to lose weight if you find your having more then just a few extra pounds. Keep in mind that the added weight will put a constant strain on your heart and it will weaken your cardiovascular system. You will also find that not being active enough can cause you to be at serious risk for cardiovascular disease, because your body is not use to moving or working hard, and then when it has to, you end up straining the heart.

Keep in mind that there are many reasons and risks that you put yourself through every day. Just because you have high blood pressure, doesn't mean that you will die from heart disease, but that you have a serious situation that you need to pay attention to. You will need to pay attention to the warning signs like high blood pressure or cholesterol. If you do not pay attention to the signs then you could be putting yourself at deadly risk for a heart attack or stroke. Think about how that will affect those who are around you. It is time that you take a good look at your self and start looking towards the future. Even if you are only in your twenties, you need to make good decisions involving your health so that you can make decisions that will allow you to live a long and healthy life.

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