Symptoms Of Heart Disease

How do you know if you have heart disease? Are you going to have symptoms to let you know something is wrong? The answer is sometimes you will and sometimes you will not. Heart disease itself does not have any symptoms, however there are things that you can watch out for. If you have chest or arm pain this may be a symptom of heart disease. It is a warning sign of having a heart attack and you need to take it seriously.

Shortness of breath is another symptom to watch for. If you feel as if you are not getting enough air in your lungs you might have a problem. Having dizziness, nausea, or feeling pains in your stomach may also be a sign that you have a problem. Abnormal heartbeats or feeling your heartbeat in your chest can be a warning sign as well.

Feeling tired or being worn down can be a sign that is trying to let you know there is something up. You should talk to your doctor if you feel that your activity level is going down. You may just be tired and need a pick me up but you could have something more like a sign of heart disease coming on. Your doctor will take a your medical history and give you a checkup to make sure that everything is alright.

Not everyone will have the warning signs that people hear about before they take a heart attack. Sometimes the signs will come and go and you may not think there is a problem. However it is safe to get checked and make sure that you are not at risk for a heart attack.

This is what to watch for:
* Pain in the middle of your chest.
* Having pain in the upper portion of the body, arms, back or neck. Sometimes you will have pain the mouth or jaw.
* Shortness of breathe, dizziness, sick to your stomach, or feeling uneasy.
* Being tired.
* Trouble sleeping
* Breathing issues
* Indigestion of any kind.

If you have any of these problems contact your health care provider at once. You may even want to make a trip to the emergency room. This may be an early detection of heart disease and getting help may be necessary. You can never be too sure. In fact it may just be the early warning signs that you need to get you on the right track for a healthy and more stable lifestyle to maintain good health.

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